Oncology Research Journal http://oscholar.com/index.php/orj <p>Oncology Research Journal is an online scientific journal which publishes Double Blind Peer Reviewed original articles of Cancer and Oncology related topics.</p> en-US info@globinfosol.com (Prakash Chand) Sat, 08 Apr 2017 19:19:53 India Daylight Time OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Test1 http://oscholar.com/index.php/orj/article/view/8 <p>Test3</p> author kumar ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://oscholar.com/index.php/orj/article/view/8 Tue, 01 May 2018 00:00:00 India Daylight Time A Sketch of a Code for Developing Computer-Based Library Information Systems Based on Classified Catalogue Code of Ranganathan http://oscholar.com/index.php/orj/article/view/6 <p>The purpose of this paper is to look into how best the certain techniques of database technology and traditional library tools and techniques can be converted as an effective tool for designing and developing the computer-based</p> <p>library information systems and services. This paper proposes a code for developing library information systems or their databases for converging the techniques belonging&nbsp; to the domain&nbsp; library and information&nbsp; science and the domain of information technology for designing, developing and implementing</p> <p>computer-based library information systems and services. The paper explains briefly, various concepts relating to specifying conceptual schema of a library database; identify and specify&nbsp; the various entities&nbsp; or&nbsp; entity-types that are associated with library systems.</p> author kumar ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://oscholar.com/index.php/orj/article/view/6 Sat, 08 Apr 2017 15:43:24 India Daylight Time Smart Reconnaissance System using Raspberry Pi http://oscholar.com/index.php/orj/article/view/3 <p>Reconnaissance is a military term for beyond the area occupied by the friendly forces to gain vital information about enemy forces or features of the environment for later analysis and/or dissemination. This paper deals with a wireless controlled Reconnaissance robot. The main purpose of the robot is able to roam around in a given environment while transmitting back real time data to the base station. The robot designed is compact and self- contained with wireless transmission of data. The data in the transmission includes vital information regarding the position of the robot. The paper also deals with identification of terrain for purpose of sending images and other relevant data.</p> Editor Kumar ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://oscholar.com/index.php/orj/article/view/3 Sun, 02 Apr 2017 17:39:54 India Daylight Time Proposed Two Way Authentication for Access Control using RFID and Webcam http://oscholar.com/index.php/orj/article/view/2 <p>Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is a smart tracking system. RFID uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag, attached to object to be tracked, to reader for tracking and identification. During the use of RFID tags we see that people cheat by using other’s card or students take the cards of their friends for proxy. Such loopholes can lead to serious problems. So to ensure, only respective owner of tag swipes card for access, we included webcam in the proposed system. Proposed system is beneficial as it reduces the risk of cheating done, while accessing secured places.</p> author kumar ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://oscholar.com/index.php/orj/article/view/2 Sun, 02 Apr 2017 00:00:00 India Daylight Time