International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences (IJCJS)

International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences (IJCJS) ,
12|12 Monthly
Volume :- , Issue :- , Month :- January , Year :- 1665
Print ISSN :- , Online ISSN :- 0973-5089
Research Journal
A. Sudhakara Reddy (India) Ali Wardak (UK/Afghanistan) Arvind Verma (USA) Dominque Wisler (Congo) • Emilio C. Viano (USA) Eric Chui (Hong Kong) Eric G. Lambert (USA) Fasihuddin (Pakistan) G.S.


The International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences (IJCJS) is a peer-reviewed open access journal focusing on the contemporary issues in Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Victimology, is the official journal of the Old Publisher: South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV) New Publisher: H&N PUBLISHERS UK LIMITED. IJCJS is an unique Diamond open access, open access international journal, where the author(s) / readers need not pay/subscribe and it is totally free. The Journal has an international focus and it does not restrict itself to any region. It tries to give a new impetus to the field of criminology by the way of high quality articles and book reviews. This journal would provide a forum for Internationally established academics and young researchers who would put forth their perspectives on criminology, criminal justice and Victimology. We would hope to see an increased interest in the Criminal Justice field through the publication of this journal.

Author Guidelines

Editor Name Designation Affiliation Country State City Others
1 Debarati Halder Professor Unitedworld School of Law India Gujarat Gandhinagar

Editorial Board Name Designation Affiliation Country State City Others
1 Mahfuzul I. Khondaker Professor Kutztown University of Pennsylvania USA Pennsylvania
2 Megha Desai Associate Editor Griffith University Australia
3 Amit Thakre Assistant Editor LNJN National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science India Delhi New Delhi
4 Priti Bharadwaj University of San Francisco USA San Francisco

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