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Gurukul Business Review , India
12|12 Monthly
Volume :- , Issue :- , Month :- Please Select , Year :- 1665
Print ISSN :- 0973-1466 , Online ISSN :- 0973-9262
Research Journal
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GBR aims to publish theoretical and empirical research articles, case studies and book reviews posing exuberant and transformational implications to the academics and business community. The focus of the journal is on publishing articles that are addressing the development and challenges evolving up in the different fields of management (human resource management, marketing, communication, leadership, organization behaviour, entrepreneurship, business ethics, operations management or finance) followed by the empirically proven solutions, and suggestions, having the potential to solve the real-time business problems

Author Guidelines

To clear the editor’s, desk your writeup should be straightforward, thought-provoking, supported by strong evidence and in accordance with the aim, scope, and guidelines of the journals. The following brief checklist provides a quick reference for you to follow during your submission and manuscript review process. Papers submitted should not be under coexisting consideration at another journal. Any actual or potential data overlap with previous studies should be noted and described in the letter to the Editor. In order to maintain masked review, provide an anonymized data transparency table describing actual or potential data overlap. All new manuscripts should be submitted electronically. Electronic submissions should be uploaded to the Journal website through the section ‘Manuscript Submission’. Files should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Click for Manuscript originality form to be submitted by all authors in a single file at the time of submission of article. All manuscripts must adhere to the Harvard Style (check the Manuscript Requirements). Papers that violate the spirit of the guidelines (e.g., papers that are single-spaced, papers that use footnotes rather than conventional referencing formats, papers that greatly exceed 50 pages), or which do not clearly fit the mission of the journal will be immediately returned to authors without being reviewed. Authors should keep in mind that papers are evaluated on a page-to-contribution ratio. We encourage you to have a colleague peer review/ proper proofread any paper prior to submission to the GBR. To maintain masked review, please acknowledge your peer reviewer(s) and include other author notes in the letter to the Editor. During the review process, including at the conditional accept stage, manuscripts may be subject to additional methodological screening that may require the submission of additional information (e.g. analysis code; analysis output; original data). Accepted papers must fully adhere to the guidelines (also check ‘Manuscript Requirements’ section). Published papers will use the affiliations of each author at the time of the original submission. No changes can be made at any stage in the review/publication process. Changes in authorship (e.g. addition; subtraction; change in order) during a revision process must be clearly explained in a letter to the Editor

Editor Name Designation Affiliation Country State City Others
1 V.K. Singh FMS Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University)

Editorial Board Name Designation Affiliation Country State City Others
1 Anand Kumar BOB UK
2 Elena Horska NITRA Slovakia
3 M.R.Gharehbakloo IAU Iran
4 Menzhong Zhang NTU Singapore
5 S.C.Bagri India Sri Nagar
6 S.C. Sharma Manipal University India Jaipur
7 S.K.Singh BHU India
8 Yogesh Upadhyay FMS India Gwalior
9 Naman Sharma IIFT India Kolkata
10 Arun Kaushik IIM Amritsar India
11 Bindu Arora KGM, GKV India
12 Ashish Arya FMS GKV
13 Gaurav Dawar IMS India Ghaziabad
14 Gajendra Singh SOM, Doon University India
15 K.N.Badani IIM Kashipur India
16 Naman Sharma IIFT, Kolkata India
17 Neeraj Kaushik NIT Kurukshetra India
18 Parminder Kaur SGGSWU India Chandigarh
19 Patiraj Kumari KGM, GKV India
20 Sudhanshu Joshi Doon University
21 Poonam Penuli KGM, GKV India
22 Rajul Bhardwaj FMS, GKV India Haridwar
23 S. Bhattacharya IIT Kharagpur India
24 Sedat Yuksel MOHE Oman
25 Shailendra Singh IIM Ranchi India
26 Shikha Rana IMS Unison University India Dehradun
27 S.K. Sharma TITS Bhiwani India
28 Shikha Sahai Dhofar University Oman
29 S. P. Singh Freelancer
30 Nitin Girdharwal KIET India Ghaziabad
31 Sunita Singh Sengupta FMS India New Delhi
32 Surekha Rana KGM, GKV India
33 Vishnu Nath DMS, IIT Roorkee India
34 Mohsin Saleh Brahmi IAEA Tunisia
35 Neelam Kaushal NIT Kurukshetra India
36 Priya Singh CCS India Meerut
37 Navneesh Tyagi Noida

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