Asian Journal of Legal Education

Asian Journal of Legal Education ,
12|12 Monthly
Volume :- , Issue :- , Month :- Please Select , Year :- 2014
Print ISSN :- 2322-0058 , Online ISSN :- 2348-2451
Research Journal


The Asian Journal of Legal Education primarily aims to promote continuous academic research and dialogue among the legal fraternity about the reform of legal education in the Asian Region. It is a peer-reviewed journal, published two times a year and indexed in Scopus. Sharing of experiences and concerns about issues involving pedagogy of law, legal aid, promoting access to justice by law schools, and experiential learning of law to strengthen efforts of justice education will be of great interest to the Journal. The Journal also encourages submissions on substantive topics and is particularly interested in topics at the intersection of social justice and Asian legal reform. We define these topics broadly, and welcome submissions on human rights theory and practice, criminal justice and human rights, legal and professional ethics, law and society, law and technology, law and impoverishment, and Asian perspective of international laws and related fields of study

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1 Manoj Kumar Sinha

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