New technology advances mean new cybersecurity threats. See what IEEE members are thinking.

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Warm welcome

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Quality Control

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With the volume of scholarly content increasing day by day within various subject areas; for any academic research library or knowledge management division of the research communities, the ease and time required to access a piece of information is becoming very critical. Further, with the increasing volume of publishers and subscriptions, maintaining the records, renewals etc. is also becoming tedious. We help our clients pass on this stressful activity to us, and just receive what they actually require the most - “the right information at the right time through various channels such as print and electronic”. We assist them with our various products and services that help them meet their information needs.

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  • Indian Journal of Biotechnology

    Indian Journal of Biotechnology, started as a quarterly journal in 2002, publishes full papers, short communications and reviews in agricultural, animal, environmental, industrial, medical, and microbial biotechnology, bioinformatics, and socio-legal and ethical aspects in biotechnology. The latest developments in biotech-industry are covered under Notes and News.

  • Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics

    Started in 1964, this journal publishes original research articles in the following areas: structure-function relationships of biomolecules; biomolecular recognition, protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions; gene-cloning, genetic engineering, genome analysis, gene targeting, gene expression, vectors, gene therapy; drug targeting, drug design; molecular basis of genetic diseases; conformational studies, computer simulation, novel DNA structures and their biological implications, protein folding; enzymes structure, catalytic mechanisms, regulation; membrane biochemistry, transport, ion channels, signal transduction, cell-cell communication, glycobiology; receptors, antigen-antibody binding, neurochemistry, ageing, apoptosis, cell cycle control; hormones, growth factors; oncogenes, host-virus interactions, viral assembly and structure; intermediary metabolism, molecular basis of disease processes, vitamins, coenzymes, carrier proteins, toxicology; plant and microbial biochemistry; surface forces, micelles and microemulsions, colloids, electrical phenomena, etc. in biological systems. Solicited peer reviewed articles on contemporary Themes and Methods in Biochemistry and Biophysics form an important feature of IJBB.

  • Indian Journal of Chemistry -Section A

    Started in 1963, Indian Journal of Chemistry was bifurcated into two independent journals, Sections A and B, in 1976. Of these, Indian Journal of Chemistry, Sec A publishes papers in synthetic and structural inorganic chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, inorganic reaction mechanisms, solid state chemistry, thermodynamics, spectroscopy, theoretical & quantum chemistry, nuclear chemistry, polymers, catalysis and analytical chemistry. Original contributions are published as rapid communications, full papers and short notes. State-of-Art reports on contemporary research are published under the section
  • Journal Of Information Technology

    The Journal of Information Technology (JIT) is a top-ranked journal in its field, focused on new research addressing technology and the management of IT - including strategy, change, infrastructure, human resources, sourcing, system development and implementation, communications, technology developments, technology futures, national policies and standards, as well as articles that advance understanding and application of research approaches and methods.

    The journal publishes work from all disciplinary, theoretical and methodological perspectives. It is designed to be read by researchers, scholars, teachers and advanced students in the fields of Information Systems and Information Science, as well as IT developers, consultants, software vendors, and senior IT executives seeking an update on current experience and future prospects in relation to contemporary information and communications technology.

  • Journal of Hematology and Stem Cell Research

    The Journal deals in hematology and oncology domains especially as the only journal in all stem cell transplantation domains. The journal publishes original research articles, review articles, short communications, case studies, etc. in English language. The covering topics that the journal would welcome are: Hematology; oncology; and stem cell transplantation in all basic and clinical fields. The Journal also deals in clinical, laboratory and experimental hematology. This Journal aims to take researchers to future research. We would be very delighted to receive your original article, review article, commentaries, case report and letter to editor on the above mentioned research fields.

  • Oncology Research Journal

    Oncology Research Journal is an online scientific journal which publishes Double Blind Peer Reviewed original articles of Cancer and Oncology related topics.